RCAF Patch Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force 880 Squadron Maritime b
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RCAF Patch Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force 880 Squadron Maritime b

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RCAF Patch 880 Maritime Surveillance Squadron Escadrille Royal Canadian Air Force Crest 1970s CP 121 Tracker CFB Shearwater Embroidered on twill cut edge 110mm by 76mm four and three eighth inches by three inches.

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Squadron History

880 Anti Submarine Squadron RCNAS was activated on 1 May 1951 at RCAF Station Summerside equipped with CP 121 Tracker aircraft on the renumbering of 825 Royal Canadian Naval Aviation Squadron. In 1952 the Squadron was redesignated VS 880 when the US Naval system of numbering was adopted. The Squadron relocated to RCNAS Shearwater in 1956.

Upon unification of the Forces on 1 February 1968 HMCS Shearwater was renamed CFB Shearwater and the Royal Canadian Naval Air Branch was disbanded with all flying duties became the responsibility of the Air Force. Canadas last Aircraft Carrier HMCS Bonaventure was decommissioned in 1970 and all fixed wing aircraft became shore based.

VS 880 Squadron with their fleet of CP 121 Tracker aircraft switched from anti submarine warfare ASW to maritime surveillance duties carrying out sovereignty patrols fisheries patrols pollution control and fleet support from CFB Shearwater and a forward detachment at Torbay Airport. CFB Shearwater officially reverted back to an Air Force establishment in 1975 with control of the base transferred to Air Command with its primary function was to provide helicopter and aircraft support to the Navy. The Squadron was redesignated 880 Maritime Surveillance Squadron on 9 June 1975 with the French designation 880 Escadron de Surveillance Maritime added on 12 January 1978. 880 MR Squadron relocated to CFB Summerside

The Squadron was redesignated 880 Maritime Reconnaissance Squadron on 3 March 1980 and was reduced to nil strength between 9 March and 1 September 1990 with the closure of CFB Summerside. 


This patch dates from the 1970s.

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