RCAF Patch Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force 424 Transport Rescue Sqn
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RCAF Patch Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force 424 Transport Rescue Sqn

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RCAF Patch Royal Canadian Air Force 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron Escadrille Tiger Patch 1980s CC 130 H Hercules CH 113 Labrador Helicopters CFB Trenton Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 80mm three and one quarter inches diameter.

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424 Tiger Squadron reformed at RCAF Station Hamilton Ontario on 15 April 1946 as 424 Light Bomber Squadron Auxiliary equipped with Mustang aircraft and were reassigned a fighter role. On 19 September 1952 the Squadron was adopted by Hamilton and had the honor of incorporating City of Hamilton in its title to 424 City of Hamilton Fighter Squadron Auxiliary known locally as the Hamilton Tigers. The Squadron added T
33 Silver Stars to its fleet.

The Squadron was reassigned to light transport and emergency rescue role reequipped with Expeditor aircraft on 1 September 1957 and renamed 424 City of Hamilton Transport Squadron Auxiliary with its primary role to train both reserve and regular force aircrew and ground crew on Expeditor aircraft. In 1958 the Squadron was renamed 424 City of Hamilton Squadron Auxiliary reassigned to emergency and rescue and received DHC 3 Otter aircraft better suited to its new role. The Squadron received its 25 years service Standard on 21 October 1961 and was disbanded on 1 April 1964 following a reduction of the Auxiliary Force.

The Squadron reactivated as 424 Communications and Rescue Squadron on 8 July 1968 at RCAF Station Trenton equipped with the CH 113 Labrador helicopters and CC 115 Buffalo aircraft again tasked with light transport and emergency rescue. Further Buffalos were received by the Squadron from 429 Squadron on its disbandment on 1 September 1970. The Squadron replaced its Buffalos with CC 130 H Hercules aircraft and its Labradors with CH 146 Griffin helicopters and was redesignated 424 Transport and Resue Squadron. 424 TRS is responsible for the 10 million square kilometres of the Trenton Search and Rescue SAR Region comprising most of the Province of Quebec all of Ontario the Prairie Provinces and the entire Arctic. The Squadron aircrews and Pararescue specialists known as Search and Rescue Technicians SAR Techs are on constant standby to deploy one Hercules and one Cormorant on 30 minute standby during normal working and a two hour stand by at all other times to respond to distress cases tasked by the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre.



This patch dates from the 1980s.

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