RCAF Patch Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force 414 Composite Sqn EW
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RCAF Patch Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force 414 Composite Sqn EW

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RCAF Patch 414 Composite Squadron Escadron Electronic Warfare Royal Canadian Air Force Black Knights Patch 1992 CT 133 Silver Star CFB Comox Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 89mm three and one half inches diameter.

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414 Photographic Squadron was activated at RCAF Station Rockcliffe on 1 April 1947 with Dakota aircraft to photograph and map Canadas North and with the task completed the Squadron was disbanded on 1 November 1950. The Squadron was unofficially known as the Black Knight Squadron.

The Squadron was reactivated as 414 Fighter Squadron on 1 November 1952 at RCAF Station Bagotville equipped with F 86 sabre fighter interceptors. The crews engaged in training and exercises in readiness to join the RCAF 1 Air Division in Europe as part of the Canadian contribution to NATO. On 24 August 1953 414 Fighter Squadron flew their Sabres from Canada to RCAF Station Baden Soellingen West Germany under Operation Leapfrog IV to form part of 4 Fighter Wing under 4 ATAF. In 1956 it was decided to replace one Sabre squadron in each of 1 Air Divisions four fighter wings with an all weather fighter squadron and following 419 AWF Squadron arrival at RCAF Station Baden Soellingen from Canada 414 Fighter Squadron was deactivated on 14 July 1957.

The squadron reformed as 414 All Weather Fighter Squadron AWF on 5 August 1957 at RCAF Station North Bay with CF 100 Canuck all weather jet interceptors. The Squadron reequipped with CF 101 B Voodoos in 1962 and disbanded on 30 June 1964.

The Squadron reactivated as 414 Electronic Warfare Squadron on 15 September 1967 at RCAF Station St Hubert on the renaming of RCAF Electronic Warfare Squadron equipped with CF 100 Mk 5D Canuck. In August 1972 the Squadron relocated to CFB North Bay and added EC 117 Falcon aircraft to its fleet in 1977. The CF 100 Canucks were retired at the end of 1981 and EF 101 Voodoo aircraft were added in 1982 with the Squadron becoming the last operational squadron of with Voodoos in the World. The EC 117 Falcons were replaced with Challenger 600 in June 1989.  Replacement of the EC 117 Falcon with the CE 144 Challenger 600 Series and EW modified T 33 CT 133 Silver Star aircraft were added to the fleet.  

In 1992 the Squadron was split to form two squadrons with 414 Composite Squadron relocating to CFB Comox and 434 Composite Squadron moving to CFB Greenwood to provide electronic warefare support and training. On 1 April 1993 the Squadron was redesignated 414 Combat Support Squadron equipped with CT 133 Silver Star aircraft. 414 Combat Support Squadron was disbanded on 31 July 2002 and its remaining two
aircraft retired when its duties were contracted out to a civilian company.

The squadron was reactivated as 414 Electronic Warfare Support Squadron on 20 January 2009 at Gatineau Airport Quebec equipped with Alpha Jet aircraft leased from Discovery Air Defence Services to provide electronic warfare support to combat training of Canadian Forces under 3 Wing CFB Bagotville. 

This patch dates from 1992.

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