RCAF Patch Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force 413 Trans Rescue Sqn
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RCAF Patch Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force 413 Trans Rescue Sqn

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RCAF Patch Royal Canadian Air Force 413 Transportation and Rescue Squadron Escadron Tuskers Patch 1990s CC 130 Hercules CH 113 Labrador CFB Greenwood Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 76mm three inches diameter.

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413 Squadron Tuskers officially activated on 1 April 1947 on the renumbering of 13 Photographic Squadron at RCAF Station Rockcliffe with Mitchell and Lancaster aircraft tasked with aerial photography as part of 22 Photographic Wing under 9 Transport Group. On 1 April 1949 the Squadron was redesignated 413 Survey Transport Squadron equipped with Dakota Canso and Norseman aircraft in logistical support and transportation of survey parties in the far north. The Squadron took part in a number of search and rescue and humanitarian supply operations and was disbanded on 1 November 1950.

The Squadron reformed on 1 August 1951 as 413 Fighter Squadron at RCAF Station Bagotville initially with Vampires and converting to F-86 Sabre fighters in December 1951. The crews engaged in training and exercises in readiness to join the RCAF 1 Air Division in Europe as part of the Canadian contribution to NATO. On 7 March 1953 413 Fighter Squadron joined 427 and 434 Squadrons flying their Sabres from Canada to RCAF Station Zweibrucken West Germany under Operation  Leapfrog 3 to form 3 Fighter Wing under 4 ATAF. The Squadron frequently deployed to Rabat Morroco for gunnery practice which contributed to 3 Wing winning the Chadburn Trophy in 1953. In 1956 it was decided to replace one Sabre squadron in each of 1 Air Divisions four fighter wings with an all weather fighter squadron and following 440 AWF Squadron arrival at RCAF
Station Zweibrucken from Canada 413 Fighter Squadron was deactivated on 7 April 1957.  

413 All Weather Fighter Squadron reformed on 1 May 1957 at RCAF Station Bagotville with CF 100 Canuck fighters tasked with air defence for North American Air Defence Command under RCAF Air Defence Command. The Tuskers won the Steinhardt Trophy as the most efficient squadron in Air Defence Command in 1957 58 and again in 1958 59. With the phasing out of the CF 100 Canucks the Squadron was disbanded on 30 December 1961.

The Squadron was reactivated as 413 Transportation and Rescue Squadron on 8 July 1968 at CFB Summerside on the renumbering of 103 Rescue Unit equipped with Albatross and CH 113 Labrador helicopters. The Squadron provided transport and search and rescue services for eastern Canada covering an area extending from the south of Nova Scotia north to Baffin Island as far west as Quebec City and east out to the middle of the Atlantic controlled by The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre JRCC Halifax. The Albatross aircraft were replaced with CC 115 Buffalo transport aircraft in 1970. With the closure of CFB Summerside the Squadron relocated to CFB Greenwood on 10 June 1991 and replaced its CC 115 Buffalos with CC 130 Hercules. The Squadron celebrated its 50th anniversary on 1 July 1991. The Squadron received its first CH 149 Cormorants helicopters on 24 August 2002 with the last CH 113 Labrador leaving in April 2003.



This patch dates from the 1990s.

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