RCAF Patch Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force 405 Squadron VP Crew 2
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RCAF Patch Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force 405 Squadron VP Crew 2

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RCAF Patch 405 VP Maritime Patrol Squadron Escadrille Crew 2 Royal Canadian Air Force Patch Early 1970s CP 107 Argus CFB Greenwood Printed on twill cut edge 83mm three and one quarter inches diameter.

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Squadron History

405 Bomber Reconnaissance Squadron Eagle was activated on 1 April 1947 at RCAF Station Greenwood equipped with Lancaster aircraft and was redesignated 405 Maritime Reconnaissance Squadron and then 405 Maritime Patrol Squadron in April 1950 equipped with modified Maritime Patrol Mark X Lancasters. The Squadron reequipped with P2V 7 Neptune in mid 1955 giving the squadron a much greater anti submarine capability. In the 1950s as with the other maritime patrol squadrons the Squadron unofficially adopted the US Naval numbering prefix VP using VP 405.

In April 1958 405 Maritime Patrol Squadron was the first to convert to the Canadian built CP 107 Argus. The squadron made its last flight in the Argus on 10 November 1980 with its replacement the Canadianized version of the P 3C Orion designated the CP 140 Aurora in 1981. As part of Air Commands intent to reestablish a visible and united Air Force the prefix VP was removed in 1986 and the Squadron reverted back to its original designation as 405 Maritime Patrol MP Squadron.

The Squadron has added the CP 140 Arcturus to its fleet which do not include the ASW and tactical equipment and are used for pilot training but with the capability of fulfilling aerial surveillance and search and rescue roles. The Squadron was redesignated 405 Long Range Patrol Squadron and its primary combat functions continue with anti submarine ASW and anti surface warfare ASUW as well as search and rescue counter-drug operations
with the RCMP and anti pollution and fisheries patrols. On 29 July 2005 405 MP Squadron took over the assets of 415 MP Squadron on its consolidation into 405 MP Squadron and 415s inactivation.


This patch dates from the early 1970s.

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