RBAF Patch Air Wing Royal Brunei Malay Regiment RAF Bell 206 72
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RBAF Patch Air Wing Royal Brunei Malay Regiment RAF Bell 206 72

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RBAF Patch Air Wing Royal Brunei Malay Regiment AMDB Patch Badge Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopters RAF Pilots 1972 British Made Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 133mm by 90mm five and one quarter inches by three and nine sixteenth inches.

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Air Service of the Brunei Malay Regiment was formed in 1965 with two Sikorsky S 55 helicopters to transport army personnel doctors and supplies to rural areas operated by pilots from the Worldwide Helicopter Company. The Regiment was honoured with the Royal title on 31 May 1965 when the word Diraja Malay for Royal was added to the name to become Askar Melayu Diraja Brunei AMDB Royal Brunei Malay Regiment. On 25 June 1966 the Air Services operation was taken over by British Royal Air Force pilots operating three Whirlwind helicopters as Helicopter Platoon
with Wessex 54s replacing the Whirlwinds. In 1967 Helicopter Platoon received five Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopters. At the end of 1972 the Royal Brunei Malay Regiment was reorganised and Air Wing was formed for all rotor aircraft.

The Air Wing established the First Squadron with the Bell 206 Jet Rangers helicopters later equipped with Bell 212 and Bell 214ST helicopters for troop lift casualty evacuation medical evacuation fire suppression VVIP lift and search and rescue. The Air Technical Training School was established in 1980 and in 1981 the Second Squadron was established and equipped with six Bolkow BO 105 helicopters to provide flying doctor reconnaissance surveillance VVIP lift and search and locate services. The Third Squadron was establish in 1982 and equipped with SIAI-Marchetti
SF260s. When Brunei assumed responsibility for its own defence from the United Kingdom in 1984 the Air Wing was expanded and on 1 October 1991 the Air Wing was officially renamed the Royal Brunei Air Force.

In 1997 The Fourth Squadron was established equipped with the Blackhawk S-70A helicopters for special combat operations trooplift casualty evacuation medical evacuation firefighting VVIP lift and search and rescue. The Fifth Squadron also formed in 1979 with a CN-235 plane to provide trooplift surveillance and search and locate capabilities. The Base Defence Squadron was activated in 1979 and the Third Squadron received the Pilatus PC-7 Mark II training aircraft. The Thirty Eight Squadron was established in 1999 and is equipped with the Mistral surface to air missile.

The Squadrons and units are organised into five Wings with Operations Wing comprising First Second Fourth and Fifth squadrons and The Parachute Airborne Tactical Delivery Unit PATDU providing jungle rescue jungle line resupply multi rope abseil and the Fire Unit providing emergency aircraft fire and rescue cover.

The Air Regiment Wing consists of 33 Squadron formally the Air Battery equipped with the Rapier Air Defence missile system 38 Squadron equipped with the Mistral missile launchers the Base Defence Squadron responsible for the protection of the Rimba Air Base at the Brunei International Airport and Forward Operating Bases and Technical Training School for training Air Regiments personnel.

The Logistics Wing comprises Engineering Squadron to maintain aircraft serviceability for operational use Supply Squadron providing logistical support and equipment and Technical Equipment Maintenance Department TEMD to provide maintenance for the aircraft.

The Training Wing consists of the Third Squadron also known as the Flying Training School FTS the Air Technical Training School ATTS and the Standard and Evaluation Squadron STANEVAL.

The Administration Wing consists of the Physical Training Section Pay Office Regimental Police Military Transport and Civilian Office.

The British Army Air Corps maintains a detachment of three Bell 212HPs forming 7 flight at Brunei International Airport for utility and transport duties.



This patch dates from 1972.


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