RAF Sticker Patch Sqn Royal Air Force 4 Squadron Zap Decal GR7
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RAF Sticker Patch Sqn Royal Air Force 4 Squadron Zap Decal GR7

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RAF Sticker Patch Sqn Royal Air Force 4 Squadron Zap Decal Harrier GR7 1990s By Terrane 80mm by 110mm three and one eighth inches by four and three eighth inches 

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Unit history 1974-1991

Squadron history 1970-2010 

The end of May 1970 brought No IV AC Army Cooperation Squadrons association with the Hawker Hunter to and end with disbandment at RAF Gutersloh West Germany. The first No IV Squadron was reformed with Harrier GR1s on 22 June 1970 at RAF Wildenrath West Germany. Moving back to RAF Gutersloh with GR 3s and GR 5s the Squadron then moved to RAF Laarbruch and later re-equipped with Harrier II Gr 7s. With the rundown of RAF Germany following the end of the cold War No IV Squadron moved back to the UK to RAF Cottesmore with its sister Harrier Squadron No 3 F Squadron during April 1999. The Squadron continued to maintain commitment to Op Deliberate Forge on a rotational basis with the other two GR 7 Squadrons until they were tasked with the draw down from Gioia del Colle Italy in April 2001. 

The Squadron then focused on a period of training until they were deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Telic Iraqi Freedom in February 2003 where they were employed in the close air support and reconnaissance role. As part of Joint Force Harrier IV AC Squadron operated alongside the Fleet Air Arm Sea Harriers and was capable of deployment from the Royal Navy aircraft carriers. In August 2004, the Force deployed to Kandahar Airfield to support NATO troops in Afghanistan for Operation Herrick. In March 2005 whilst deployed to HMS Invincible for Exercise Magic Carpet No IV AC Squadron conducted the UKs first strike mission from an aircraft carrier into Kandahar Airfield. The Squadron continued its primary role in Afghanistan close air support CAS and reconnaissance with a secondary commitment of training NATO Forward Air Controllers. 

On 31 March 2010 No IV AC Squadron disbanded and reformed as No IV Reserve Squadron at RAF Wittering taking over from No. 20 R Squadron as the Harrier Operational Conversion Unit. As a result of the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review the squadron disbanded in January 2011 to reform on 24 November 2011 when it took over the role of No. 19 R Squadron operating the BAE Hawk T2 from RAF Valley in tactical weapons training.   

This sticker patch dates from the 1990s





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