RAF Patch j 64 Squadron Scarab Phantom FGR 1 228 OCU a
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RAF Patch j 64 Squadron Scarab Phantom FGR 1 228 OCU a

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RAF Patch 64 Squadron Royal Air Force Scarab Reserve Squadron For 228 OCU Operational Conversion Unit  Phantom FGR 1 1980s F 4 Pilot Training and front line capability in the event of war Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 93mm by 67mm three and five eighth inches by two and five eighth inches.

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Unit history 1968 1991

64 Squadron was re activated as 64 Reserve Squadron at RAF Coningsby on 1 August 1968 as Shadow Squadron for 228 OCU Operational Conversion Unit providing pilot training for the Phantom FGR 1 and FGR 2. In the event of war 228 OCU would become designated 64 Squadron to undertake front line capability. The unit moved to RAF Leuchars where it was disbanded as 228 OCU and 64 Reserve Squadron on 31 March 1991. 

The unit wore patches for both 64 Squadron and 228 OCU.´╗┐

This patch dates from the 1980s.





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