RAF Patch j 14 Squadron Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 Strike b EB
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RAF Patch j 14 Squadron Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 Strike b EB

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RAF Patch 14 Squadron Royal Air Force Tornado GR 4 Strike Attack 2010 RAF Lossiemouth Velcro Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 115mm by 82mm four and one half inches by three and one quarter inches.

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Badge A winged plate charged with a cross throughout and shoulder pieces of a suit of armour. The crusader with the Cross of St George represents the Squadrons First World War service at Diospolis Palestine the reputed burial place St George and the Squadrons location in the Middle East at the time of the formal submission of the badge.

Motto Arabic I spread my wings and keep my promise - extract from the Koran suggested by the Emir of Transjordan.

Squadron history

On 1 April 1946 14 Squadron was reactivated at RAF Wahn Germany with Mosquito B 16 light bombers on the renumbering of 128 Squadron. In December 1947 the Mosquito B 16s were replaced with the Mosquito B 35 variant bombers and the Squadron relocated to RAF Celle in September 1949 and moved again to RAF Fassberg in November 1950. In 1951 the Squadron received Vampire FB 5 fighter bombers replaceing them with Venom FB 1 fighter bombers in 1953. 14 Squadron relocated to RAF Oldenburg and converted Hunter F 4 fighters in 1955 retasked to the day fighter role. 14 Squadron moved to RAF Ahlhorn in 1957 and disbanded at RAF Gutersloh on 17 December 1962. On the same day 17 December 1962 14 Squadron reformed at RAF Wildenrath on the renumbering of 88 Squadron with Canberra BI 8 bombers and was disbanded on 30 June 1970.

On 30 June 1970 14 Squadron was reformed at RAF Bruggen equipped with Phantom FGR 2 fighter bombers. The Squadron reequipped with Jaguar GR 1 strike and ground attack aircraft in April 1975 and was assigned to SACEUR in 1976 for ground attack and tactical strike attack with conventional and tactical nuclear weapons in support of the army in a European land battle.

In 1986 the Squadron received Tornado GR 1 aircraft and In August 1990 the Squadron was deployed to Bahrain with RAF Bruggens 9 and 31 Squadrons as part of Operation Granby in response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait undertaking combat strike operations during Operation Desert Storm in February March 1991. With the end of the Cold War 14 Squadron relinquished its nuclear delivery role in 1994.

With the drawdown of RAF forces from Germany the Squadron relocated to RAF Lossiemouth in January 2001 and converted to Tornado GR 4s in 2004 specializing in night electro optical low level operational flying. 14 Squadron participated in Operation Telic based at Al Udeid AB Qatar until the end of Tornado operations in the summer of 2009. The Squadron took part in the first detachment of the Tornado Ground Reconnaissance Force TGRF to Kandahar Airfield to replace the Harrier Force in Afghanistan and carried out its only autonomous detachment to Kandahar in late 2010 flying day and night reconnaissance and combat air support missions for ISAF forces across Afghanistan. The Squadron disbanded on 1 June 2011.

The Squadron was reactivated at RAF Waddington on 14 October 2011 under 5 AC Squadron to operate its four Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft modified for Intelligence Surveillance Target acquisition and Reconnaissance ISTAR designated Shadow R1 aircraft. The Squadron regularly deployed to the Middle East and Afghanistan in support of Operation Herrick together with missions in support of operations over Libya in 2011.

5 and 14 Squadrons temporarily relocated to RAF Coningsby in September 2014 while RAF Waddingtons runway was resurfaced.




This patch dates from 2010.



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