RAF Patch b 41 Squadron Royal Air Force Crest Test Evaluation EB
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RAF Patch b 41 Squadron Royal Air Force Crest Test Evaluation EB

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RAF Patch 41 Squadron Royal Air Force Test And Evaluation TES Crest Tornado GR4 2010 Boscombe Down Embroidered on twill cut edge 113mm by 85mm four and five sixteenth inches by three and three eighth inches.

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Badge A double armed cross approved by HM King George VI in February 1937 The badge originated from the Squadrons association with St Omer France during World War I the cross being part of the towns arms.

Motto Seek and Destroy

Unit history 1976 1992

No 41 Squadron reformed on 1 April 1972 at RAF Coningsby with Phantom FGR 2 for tactical fighter reconnaissance and ground attack role and included a dedicated mobile RIC Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre As the Phantom FGR 2s were soon deemed to be unsuitable for the unit and in anticipation for the introduction of the Sepecat Jaguar No 41 Designate Squadron was formed at RAF Coltishall on 1 October 1976 and commenced training as a reconnaissance unit with the Jaguar GR 1 aircraft. The two squadrons operated independently of one another until 31 March 1977 when No 41 Squadron was disbanded with the Phantoms at RAF Coningsby and No 41 Designate Squadron became No 41 Squadron at RAF Coltishall a day later providing low-level reconnaissance supporting NATO.

With its main RIC and portable RICs the Squadron played an important part during the First Gulf War Operation Granby in 1991 Iraq northern no-fly zone Operations Warden and Resinate North until April 1993. Deployment to Southern Italy followed for duties over Bosnia Operation Deny Flight until August 1995. No 41 Squadron received the JRRP Jaguar Replacement Reconnaissance Pod in August 2000 and deployed to Incirlik Turkey with Jaguar GR 3s for the Second Gulf War Operation Telic in March April 2003.

The reduction of RAF strength and consequent early retirement of the Jaguar force and RAF Colishall the FJWOEU Fast Jet and Weapons  Operational Evaluation Unit with Panavia Tornados and Harrier GR9s at RAF Coningby was renumbered 41 Reserve Squadron testing numerous weapons and defense systems prior to deployment to the RAF.

On 1 April 2010 Fast Jet Test Squadron FJTS at Boscombe Down was amalgamated into 41 R Squadron to create No 41 Squadron Test and Evaluation Squadron or 41 R TES with Tornado GR4s.



This patch dates from 2010.



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