RAF Patch a 5 AC Squadron Royal Air Force Tornado F3 Dep 93 EB
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RAF Patch a 5 AC Squadron Royal Air Force Tornado F3 Dep 93 EB

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RAF Patch 5 AC Squadron RAF Royal Air Force Tornado F3 Deployment Gioia Del Colle AB Bosnia No Fly Zone 1993 Combat Air Patrol CAP Air Defence QRA Interceptor RAF Coningsby Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 88mm three and one half inches diameter.

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Squadron history

No 5 Army Cooperation AC Squadron was reactivated on 11 February 1949 at RAF Pembrey on the renumbering of 595 Squadron equipped with a variety of aircraft for Army Cooperation tasked with target towing for Anti Aircraft Artillery. The Squadron was disbanded on 25 September 1951. 5 Squadron reformed at RAF Wunsdorf Germany on 1 March 1952 equipped with Vampire fighters for air defence. The squadron reequipped with Venom fighter aircraft before disbanding on 12 October 1957 as part of defence expenditure cuts. 5 Squadron was reactivated at RAF Laarbruch equipped with Meteor NF 11 aircraft to undertake night fighter operations upgrading to Javelin fighters before disbanding in 1965.

5 AC Squadron was reactivated at RAF Binbrook in 1965 equipped with Lightning fighter interceptor aircraft tasked with UK Air Defence providing Quick Reaction Alert QRA interception.

The Squadron disbanded in 1987 and was immediately reactivated at RAF Coningsby equipped with Tornado F3 fighter aircraft to continue Air Defence QRA. 5 AC Squadron at the time on exercise at RAF Akrotiri Cyprus was the first RAF Squadron to deploy to the Gulf for Operation Granby in 1990 as a composite Air Defence Squadron with No 29 Squadron in response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. 5 Sqn began rotational deployments to Gioia del Colle AB Italy in 1993 to undertake Combat Air Patrols CAP over Bosnia to maintain the UN No Fly Zone and protection of other NATO Forces.

The Squadron became the first operational unit equipped with the JTIDS Link 16 data link system upgrade in 1994 giving aircrew increased situation awareness allowing it to return simulated kill ratios of up to 7 to 1 against superior performance aircraft demonstrated in Cope Thunder and Red Flag Exercises. Combat Air Patrols over Bosnia continued in 1995. The Squadron provided CAP in support of Operation Allied Force 23 March to 10 June 1999 the NATO bombing of Serbia to prevent further aggression in Kosovo. 5 AC Squadron disbanded at RAF Coningsby in 2003.

5 AC Squadron was reformed on 1st April 2004 at RAF Waddington equipped with five Bombardier Global Express long range business jets modified for reconnaissance designated Sentinel R Mk1 Stand Off Radar ASTOR and eight Ground Stations. The Squadron deployed elements to the Middle East for classified reconnaissance missions in support of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Squadron added four Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft modified for Intelligence Surveillance Target acquisition and Reconnaissance ISTAR in 2009. The Shadow R1 aircraft were transferred to the newly reactivated 14 Squadron in 2011 to operate under 5 Squadron at RAF Waddington. Middle East deployments continued in support of Operation Herrick together with mission in support of operations over Libya in 2011.

5 and 14 Squadrons temporarily relocated to RAF Coningsby in September 2014 while RAF Waddingtons runway was resurfaced.


This patch dates from 1993. 


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