RAF Patch Wg FP 6 Force Protection Wing Royal Air Force Tartan g
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RAF Patch Wg FP 6 Force Protection Wing Royal Air Force Tartan g

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RAF Royal Air Force 6 FP Force Protection Wing DZ TRF Regiment Police Deployment Tartan Patch Small RAF Leuchars Camp Bastion 2009 Woven Merrowed Edge 34mm by 34mm one and five sixteenth inches by one and five sixteenth inches.

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Badge  a sword supplanting the helmet of Mars God of War with white and blue plume emphasising Force over Protection. The sword is taken from the badge of RAF West Raynham former home of 6 Wing RAF Regiment. The white and blue plumage of the helmet represents 6 FP Wings association with Scotland and RAF Leuchars. Officially approved by Her Majesty the Queen in May 2008. 

Motto  Viribus Protégé Protect by Force 


6 FP Force Protection Wing was formed at RAF Leuchars on 1 January 2006 with 63 Squadron RAF Regiment 603 City Of Edinburgh Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force Police Force Protection Operational Support Squadron and Expeditionary Air Wing Force Protection Training Flight providing Station protection for RAF Leuchars and rapidly deployable for protection of Expeditionary overseas bases.  

6 FP Wing deployed with 63 Squadron RAF Regiment deployed to Camp Bastion Afghanistan in February 2009 returning to RAF Luechars in August 2009. The Wing with 58 Squadron RAF Regiment which reformed at RAF Leuchars in 2010 deployed to Camp Bastion Afghanistan in April 2011 providing Base protection returning in November 2011. 

The Wing and 58 Squadron RAF Regiment disbanded on 10 May 2014 with the closure of RAF Leuchars. 

This patch dates from 2009.

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