RAF Patch Wg 125 EAW Expeditionary Air Wing Royal Air Force c EB
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RAF Patch Wg 125 EAW Expeditionary Air Wing Royal Air Force c EB

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RAF Royal Air Force 125 EAW Expeditionary Air Wing Crest RAF Leuchars Tornado 2011 Embroidered on twill cut edge 113mm by 97mm four and one half one inches by three and thirteen sixteenth inches.

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125 EAW Expeditionary Air Wing was formed at RAF Leuchars on 1 April 2006 as a multi role Tornado Fighter Wing led by the Station Commander and supported by the Station management team to train and enable the Stations units to deploy swiftly and fully on operations. The Wing utilised all flying Squadrons support and force protection units at RAF Leuchars for deployment assets initially with Tornado F 3 equipped 43 and 111 Fighter Squadrons together with 56 R Squadron Tornado F 3 OCU Operational Conversion Unit together with aircraft maintenance assets and 6 Force Protection Wing with 63 Squadron RAF Regiment and 603 Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment. 125 EAW prepared its units for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan deployed under the theatre based 900 series EAWs.

56 Reserve Squadron was disbanded when amalgamated with 43 Fighter Squadron in April 2008. 6 FP Wing with 63 and 603 Squadrons deployed to Camp Bastion February to August 2009. 43 F Squadron was disbanded in July 2009 leaving 111 F Squadron as the last Tornado F 3 operator. 6 FP Wing with 58 deployed to Camp Bastion April to November 2011.

RAF Leuchars was designated for Typhoon fighter aircraft with 6 Squadron activated on 6 September 2010. 111 F Squadron disbanded in March 2011 ending the Tornado F3 service in the RAF. 1 Fighter Squadron equipped with Typhoon fighters was activated at the 2012 RAF Leuchars Airshow on 15 September 2012.

With workup of the transfer of the Typhoon force from RAF Leuchars to RAF Lossiemouth 125 EAW was disbanded in 2013.

6 FP Wing and 58 Squadron RAF Regiment disbanded on 10 May 2014 1 F and 6 Squadrons relocated to RAF Lossiemouth in September 2014 with RAF Leuchars inactivated and transferred to the British Army on 31 March 2015 although a number of lodger RAF units remained.



This patch dates from 2011.

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