RAF Patch Training Royal Air Force Station Cosford Crest SOTT
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RAF Patch Training Royal Air Force Station Cosford Crest SOTT

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RAF Patch Training Royal Air Force Station Cosford Crest Patch SOTT 1960s Early 1970s Woven Merrowed edge 115mm by 89mm four and one half inches by three and one half inches.

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As part of the pre war RAF Expansion Plan a site near Shifnal Shropshire, was selected for an Aircraft Storage Units ASU and a Technical Training School and constuction of RAF Cosford began in August 1937.

2 School of Technical Training 2 SofTT was formed on 15 July 1938 by the outbreak of  the War Cosford had 3580 trainee trade apprentices of Fitters (Engines) Airframes Armourers Flight Mechanics and Flight Riggers. 9 Maintenance Unit relocated to RAF Cosford in March 1939 to store maintain modify repair and issue aircraft to operational units. The apprentice element was relocated back to RAF Halton in March 1940.

Throughout the war many and varied units located to RAF Cosford including an Officers School No 12 Ferry Pilots Pool a Czechoslovak Depot and the RAF School of Musketry. Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service RAF Hospital Cosford was added to the site in 1940 and at the end of the war 106 and 108 Personnel Reception Centres were established to process the repatriation of RAF PoWs with over 13000 ex PoWs passing through RAF Cosford by 23 August 1948.

After the War No2 SofTT continued in the training role and recommenced training apprentices and later trained RAF Boy Entrants. The RAF School of Photography in located to RAF Cosford in 1963 and in August 1977 the RAF School of Physical Training moved to the Station. RAF Hospital Cosford closed on 31 December 1977. 8 Air Experience Flight and 633 Volunteer Gliding School were based at RAF Cosford with The University of Birmingham Air Squadron arriving in 1978 and the Cosford element of the RAF Museum in 1984. RAF Cosford is home to 2497 Cosford Squadron Air Training Corps.

RAF Cosford became the RAFs premier technical training establishment following the transfer of RAF Haltons remaining technical training to the Station between 1993 and 1995 as 1 School of Technical Training and 1 Radio School relocated from RAF Locking in 1999.

Following the implementation of the Defence Training Review Rationalisation Programme in 2001 the MODs Phase 2 training was placed within one of 6 training streams Air Engineering AE, Electro-Mechanical Engineering EM, Communication & Information Systems CIS, Logistics, Security Languages Intelligence and Photography SLIP and Police & Administration. The Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering DCAE located its headquarters at RAF Cosford on 1 April 2004. 1 Radio School and the Defence School of Photography remained at RAF Cosford and The Aerosystems Engineering and Management Training School AE&MTS achieved full operating capability in January 2013 following the relocation of Engineer Officer training from Cranwell.


This patch dates from the 1960s early 1970s.







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