RAF Patch Regt sb 20 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment 1980s La
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RAF Patch Regt sb 20 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment 1980s La

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RAF Patch 20 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment DZ 1987 Rapier Air Defence USAFE Bases RAF Alconbury RAF Woodbridge RAF Bentwaters Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 86mm by 78mm three and three eighth inches by three and one sixteenth inches.

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20 Squadron RAF Regiment was activated at Gutersloh Air Base on the renumbering 64 Squadron RAF Regt on 1 May 1949 equipped with Bofors 40mm light anti aircraft guns assigned to 6 Wing RAF Regiment tasked with Light Anti Aircraft LAA air defence of Gutersloh Airfield. !9 Squadron disbanded with 6 Wing on 30 September 1957.

20 Squadron RAF Regt was reactivated at RAF Honington on 1 July 1983 as a Low Level Air Defence LLAD Squadron equipped with USAF purchased Rapier all weather Blindfire Short Range Air Defence SHORAD system tasked with the short range air defence of USAFE bases RAF Alconbury RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters. The Squadron was assigned to HQ 6 Wing RAF Regt and worked alongside 19 Squadron and 66 Squadron RAF Regiment to protect USAFE bases in England. New recruits completed courses with the RAF Regiment Rapier Training Unit at RAF West Raynham.

Following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 20 Squadron was released from its role and deployed for Operation Granby taking its Rapier systems to RAF Akrotiri Cyprus on 11 August 1990. 20 Squadron relocated A Flight to Muharraq Airfield Bahrain at the end of August to set up airbase air defence with the remaining Flight joining them in mid October 1990. 20 Squadron personnel returned to RAF Honington leaving their Rapiers when relieved by 66 Squadron personnel on 14 November 1990. 20 Squadron was awarded the battle honour Gulf 1991.

20 Squadron RAF Regiment was inactivated on 1 April 1996 when it was redesignated 15 Squadron RAF Regiment after the USAF withdrew funding for the USAF Rapier Force as a result of the ending of the Cold War. 

This patch dates from 1987.



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