RAF Patch RAF Regiment GG Ground Gunner Patch WWII
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RAF Patch RAF Regiment GG Ground Gunner Patch WWII

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RAF Patch GG Ground Gunner RAF Regiment Patch WWII Uniform Badge Flat Embroidrered on wool 52mm by 61mm two inches by two and seven sixteenth inches.

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The GG badge was authorised for any airmen qualified as Ground Gunners introduced by A/761 of 1940 on the formation of dedicated Defence Squadrons at RAF Stations to defend airfields from enemy air and ground attack following the lessons learnt during the Blitzkrieg and the fall of France. The order states that it was to be worn 9 inches below the shoulder seam on the right sleeve only.

The scale of the German assault in Crete and the speed at which the airfield had fallen highlighted the need for the coordinated defense of airfields. The Chiefs of Staff accepted that the Royal Air Force should form its own Aerodrome Defense Corps – a Corps formed as an integral part of the
Royal Air Force - and the RAF Regiment was officially formed on 1 February 1942.

The GG badge was made redundant by A/466 of 1942 when the RAF Regiment badges were introduced.



 This wing patch dates from 1940


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