RAF Patch Cmd Strike Command Royal Air Force Crest a
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RAF Patch Cmd Strike Command Royal Air Force Crest a

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RAF Patch Royal Air Force Strike Command Crest Patch Badge 1970s Embroidered Applique on wool cut edge 115mm by 83mm four and one half inches by three and one quarter inches.

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Royal Air Force Strike Command was formed on 30 April 1968 by the merger of Bomber Command and Fighter Command which were renamed under Strike Command as 1 Group and 11 Group respectively. Headquarters Strike Command HQSTC was located at RAF High Wycombe Signals
Command was absorbed on 1 January 1969 with Coastal Command was absorbed on 28 November 1969 as 18 Group and Air Support Command formerly Transport Command was absorbed on 1 September 1972 as 38 Group de-activated on 17 November 1983 and 46 Group de-activated on 1 January 1976.

In 1975 the Strike Command acquired a NATO title Commander-in-Chief United Kingdom Air Forces CINCUKAIR and RAF Germany was absorbed as 2 Bomber Group on 1 April 1993. 11 and 18 Group were combined as 11/18 Group on 1 April 1996 and de-activated on 7 January 2000. 3 Group was activated on 1 April 2000 to control Joint Force Harrier and maritime aircraft transferred from the former 11/18 Group.

On 1 April 2007 Strike Command was inactivated on its merger with Personnel and Training Command to form Air Command.


This patch dates from the 1970s.

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