RAF Patch AEF 10 Air Experience Flight Crest Patch RAF Woodvale
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RAF Patch AEF 10 Air Experience Flight Crest Patch RAF Woodvale

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RAF Patch 10 Air Experience Flight AEF Crest Patch Chipmunk 1990 Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 101mm by 77mm four inches by three inches.

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The RAFs formed 13 Air Experience Flights AEFs numbered from 1 to 13 at RAF Stations around the country in September 1958 equipped with Chipmunk T.10 trainers and with 5 AEF operating a single Beagle Husky XW635 from 1969 to 1989. The Flights are manned by volunteer current or former RAF service pilot as instructors to provide Air Training Corps and CCF RAF air cadets with powered flying experience and training.

In September 1995 Air Experience Flights were merged with co-located University Air Squadrons and the Chipmunks retired with the AEFs using the University Air Squadrons Bulldog T. 1s. No. 13 AEF at RAF Aldergrove was disbanded in 1996 and in 1999 the Grob Tutor T.1 began to replace the Bulldogs.

No. 10 Air Experience Flight RAF parented by Manchester and Salford UAS is based at RAF Woodvale with Liverpool UAS and provides flying experience for the North Region and Wales & West Region.

This patch dates from 1990.



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