RAF Patch 233 OCU Operational Conversion Unit Groundcrew Harrier
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RAF Patch 233 OCU Operational Conversion Unit Groundcrew Harrier

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RAF Patch 233 OCU Operational Conversion Unit Royal Air Force Harrier Groundcrew Ops Flight Suit Patch 1980s woven merrowed edge 72mm two and three sixteenth inches diameter.

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Unit history 1952 1992


233 Operational Conversion Unit OCU was activated at RAF Pembrey Wales on 1 September 1952 equipped with Vampire and Meteor aircraft. The Welsh wildcat was chosen for the Units badge as it was the crest of the ancient Borough of Kidwelly the nearest town to RAF Pembrey with Ymlaen Welch for Forward as the Units motto. 233 OCU disbanded in September 1957.


The Harrier Conversion Team started training at Hawker Siddeleys airfield at Dunsfold in January 1969 with converted pilots becoming the staff of 233 OCU reactivated at RAF Wittering on 1 October 1970 equipped with Harrier T2A aircraft upgrading to T 4 and 4As. 233 Operational Conversion Unit received Harrier T 10 aircraft in the 1990s. As well as training Harrier crews for the RAF 233 OCU has also provided initial Harrier training for Royal Navy crews destined to fly the Sea Harrier as well as having trained American Indian and Spanish Harrier pilots.


233 OCU disbanded on 1 September 1992 on its redesignation as 20 Reserve Squadron.


This patch dates from the 1980s.






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