RAF Patch 226 OCU Operational Conversion Unit Jaguar a
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RAF Patch 226 OCU Operational Conversion Unit Jaguar a

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RAF Patch Royal Air Force 226 OCU Operational Conversion Unit Jaguar Pilot Training Tactical Nuclear Attack RAF Lossiemouth 1991 Embroidered on twill merrowed edge

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Unit history 1974 1991

Following a period flying the English Electric Lightning 226 OCU Disbanded at RAF Coltishall on 30 September 1974 and was reformed by renaming the Jaguar Conversion Unit at RAF Lossiemouth on 1 October 1974 to continue operational conversion training for Jaguar pilots. From 1975 the Units role included designation as a Shadow Squadron to deliver front line conventional and tactical nuclear strike capability with WE 177 nuclear bombs in the event of war.

With the post Cold War drawdown of the RAF 226 OCU disbanded in 1991 with its redesignation to No. 16 Reserve Squadron which continued with both the training and wartime roles until the retirement of the WE177 nuclear weapons.

This patch dates from 1991 just before disbandment.




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