JASDF Patch HQ Japan Air Self Defence Force APD Al Udeid AB OIF
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JASDF Patch HQ Japan Air Self Defence Force APD Al Udeid AB OIF

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JASDF Patch Japan Air Self Defence Force APD Al Udeid AB Operation Iraqi Freedom OIF Sakura 2006.6.5 CAOC Combined Air Operations Centre Patch Badge 2006 Local made Embroidered on twill cut edge velcro 77mm by 85mm three inches by three and five sixteenth inches.

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The Japanese Air Self Defence Force C 130 Hercules aircraft commenced aid and humanitarian airlift missions into Iraq from Al Udeid AB Qatar as part of the Coalition Air Forces in March 2004 in support of the Japanese Iraq Reconstruction and Support Group also known as the Japan Self Defense Forces Iraq Reconstruction and Support Group which had been established at Samawah Southern Iraq in January 2004. The airlift operations were carried out by C 130H aircraft from 401 Squadron from JASDF Air Support Commands 1 Tactical Wing based at Komaki Air Base. JASDF deployed 3 Hercules aircraft and over 200 Command and ground support personnel on rotation based at Al Udeid AB Qatar and Ali Al Salem AB in Kuwait and provided five flights a week to Tallil Bagdad and Erbil as well as support to JSDFIR.

While Japanese Self Defense Forces had previously conducted United Nations humanitarian deployments to other locations in the world this was the first time that Japanese military personnel had deployed to a conflict zone since the end of World War II. Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan prohibits the use of military forces unless for self defense purposes and on 9 December 2003 the Government passed the Humanitarian Relief and Iraqi Reconstruction Special Measures Law to allow the deployment of JSDF units in Iraq.

Whilst a number of kidnappings and deaths of Japanese aid workers and threats from Al Qaeda to force the withdrawal of Japanese forces during 2004 the JSDF contingents mandate was renewed for another year by the Government on 8 December 2005 and JASDF continued its airlift missions. Following the new Iraqi Government formation in May 2006 the Japanese Government announced the completion of the humanitarian mission and that Japanese Self Defence Forces could be withdrawn from Iraq. On 25 June 2006 the JSDFIRSG began the withdrawal to Kuwait with the last 220 of its troops leaving Iraq on 18 July 2006. By this time nine rotations had taken place.

JASDF forces continue to play a minor support role later in 2006 with JASDF transport aircraft assisting coalition forces by airlifting materials and personnel between Iraq and Kuwait. The airlift mission was extended until 31 July 2007 and extended for another two years. With the expiration of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1790 the last JASDF forces left Kuwait on 18 December 2008.



This patch dates from 2006.


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