Italian Patch Air Force Aeronautica Militare AM Gruppo c 101 Y
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Italian Patch Air Force Aeronautica Militare AM Gruppo c 101 Y

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Italian Patch Air Force Aeronautica Militare AM 101 Gruppo G 91Y Yankee Patch Badge 1980s Light Tactical Fighter Attack Uniform removed Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 105mm by 105mm four and one eighth inches by four and one eighth inches.

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Cervia Air Base under 8 Stormo CB

101 Gruppo CBOC Conventional All Weather Fighter Bomber Squadron was established at Villafranca Air Base Veronese in January 1953 equipped with F 84G Thunderjet fighter bombers under 5 Stormo tasked with the primary mission of tactical nuclear strikes against targets located in the territory of the Warsaw Pact. 101 Gruppo relocated to Rimini Miramare upgrading to F 84F Thunderjets in 1956. 1n 1967 the Gruppo received F 104G Starfighter aircraft before relocating to Cervia Air Base San Giorgio converting to G 91Y Yankee renamed 101 Light Tactical Fighter Squadron and reassigning to 8 Stormo CB Gino Priolo in 1967. 

101 Gruppo was disbanded in 1994 with the retirement of the G 91 Yankee and reactivated at Amendola Air Base as 101 OCU Operational Conversion Unit for the AMX aircraft under 32 Stormo.


This patch dates from 1987


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