Greek Hellenic Army Aviation Patch 1 Army Aviation Brigade
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Greek Hellenic Army Aviation Patch 1 Army Aviation Brigade

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Greek Hellenic Army Aviation 1 Army Aviation Brigade Patch 1990s Fully embroidered cut edge 74mm by 61mm two and fifteen sixteenth inches by two and three eighth inches.

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The first Greek Hellenic Army aviation unit 190 Air Observation Unit was activated at Megara airport equipped with Piper L 21B observation and utility aircraft in August 1950 as part of the Greek Army Artillery to provide target detection and observation for Artillery units and light transportation. Specialist units were activated to support the artillery air operations. Selected Artillery personnel were trained as Army aviators initially by the Hellenic Air Force before the Artillery Directorate established the Air Observation Pilots School within the Artillery School in July 1952 at Megara airport becoming the Air Observation Wing at the beginning of 1954.

In 1960 personnel from branches of the Hellenic Army other than the Artillery were allowed to become aviators and the name Greek Army Aviation began to be used. In 1961 the Air Observation Wing was renamed the Army Aviation School SAS and was reassigned from the Artillery School to the 3rd Staff Office Operations of the Hellenic Army General Staff. Greek Army Aviation received its first helicopter the Bell OH 13S Sioux in 1961. 307th Support Battalion and 17th Signal Company based at Stefanovikio Thessaly provided support to Army Aviation operations. In 1966 two U 9E aircraft were acquired by the Hellenic Army Aviation School and provided mapping and aerial photography.

The Army Aviation Directorate was established in November 1967 and had the Army Aviation School assigned to it. Greek Army Aviation received UH-1H Huey helicopters in 1969 for air assault and medium transport.  1st Army Aviation Battalion 1 TEAS was activated at Stefanovikio Thessaly on 15 September 1971. The B 212 helicopter entered service in the Hellenic Army Aviation in March 1972 for VIP transport.

In March 1973 the Army Aviation School was relocated to Agrinio military airfield moving to Stefanovikio Thessaly in October 1974. In 1976 one C 12A aircraft joined the Hellenic Army Aviation fleet for VIP transport and aerial photography. 2nd Army Aviation Battalion 2nd TEAS was established at Megara on 3 September 1977.

Five CH 47C Chinook helicopters were received in 1981.  3rd Army Aviation Battalion (3rd TEAS) was activated at Alexandria Imathia on 1 April 1982.

A further four CH 47C Chinook helicopters transferred from the Hellenic Air Force in 1988 and the two U 9E aircrafts were decommissioned. The Chinooks were upgraded to CH 47D in 1994.  ΑΗ 64Α attack helicopters were received in 1995 with 1st Attack Helicopter Battalion 1 ΤΕΕP based at Stefanovikio Thessaly and 2nd Attack Helicopter Battalion 2 TEEP based at Megara Attica.

4th Army Aviation Battalion 4th TEAS was established at Megara Attica on 1 January 1998. 1st Army Aviation Brigade was activated Stefanovikio Magnesia in March 1998 following a reorganisation of the Hellenic Army and the Army Aviation to provide command and control direct operations and train all Army Aviation Units. Two C 12R AP aircraft were acquired in 1999 for VIP transport and aerial mapping and photography




This patch dates from the 1990s.




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