German Navy Patch Marinefliegergeschwader MFG 2 F 104 u F Stff
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German Navy Patch Marinefliegergeschwader MFG 2 F 104 u F Stff

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German Navy Patch Marinefliegergeschwader MFG 2 F Staffel Flight Equipment RF 104 Starfighter 1970s Eggebeck Naval Air Station embroidered on twill cut edge 103mm by 85mm four inches by three and three eight inches.

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2 Marinefliegergruppe MFGR 2 Naval Air Group was activated on 1 April 1958 at Holtenau Air Base  as a multipurpose group with an anti-sumarine warfare squadron a transport and supply squadron and a flight operations squadron responsible for the North Sea. MFGR 1 was also activated as a multi-purpose group at RAF Schleswigland to provide cover for the Baltic Sea area. On 1 May 1958 the Royal Air Force handed RAF Schleswigland back to the German Government to become Schleswig-Jagel Air Base and MFGR 2 relocated to Jagel on 1 September 1958 with the reconnaisance element 2 Squadron with Sea Hawks establishing for training first and group becoming operational on 30 September 1958 with an additional two Gannets and three Magisters.

MFGR 2 moved to Schleswig-Lake Air Base in 1959 as Jagel had become too conjested but the newly formed 1 Reconnaisance Squadron MFGR 2 returned to Jagel. On 1 August 1960 MFGR 2 was renamed Marinefliegergeschwader 2 MFG 2 Naval Air Squadron 2.

In October 1961 MFG 1s anti-submarine warfare role and their sixteen Gannets were alocated to MFG 2 while MFG 2 Reconnaissance Squadron with its eighteen Sea Hawks were transfered to MFG 1 and with Schleswig Jagel becoming too conjested again MFG 2 relocated to Sylt Air Base
in 1962 before moving on to Nordholz Air Base on 28 April 1963. With the runway at Nordholz to short for the RF-104s due to be received by MFG 2 they relocated to Eggebeck Air Base where MFG 2 took possesion of its first RF-104 in March 1964.

In the late 1970 the German Navy decided to establish a two-ship flight demonstration team to display the its primary weapon system the F-104G Starfighter and its outstanding abilities. MFG 1 were the first to display at air shows with the MFG 2 Team following providing stunning displays at home and abroad. The F-104 Naval air demonstrations came to a sudden end when MFG 1 F-104 crashed on approach to RNAS Yeovilton on 3 August 1979.

It was four years before a new F-104 Starfighter duo was established displaying for the first time at Eggebeck 1983 Air Show. As MFG 1 was already converting to the Tornado MFG 2 created the Vikings. Between their maiden show on 14 August 1983 and the final display at Neuburg/Donau on 27 September 1986 some 6 million spectators were able to enjoy more than 60 displays worldwide.

MFG 2 re-equipped with Tornado fighter-bombers in 1986 and as the runway at Eggebeck had to be renewed MFG 2 moved to Jagel before returning again to Eggebeck. With the end of the Cold War and subsequent military reductions MFG 1 was inactivated on 21 December 1993 and its Tornados integrated into MFG 2. Subsequently the Navy decided to decommission its fighter-bombers and in June 2005 the last MFG 2 Tornado left Eggebeck and MFG 2 was inactivated on 9 August 2005.




This patch dates from the 1970s




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