German Navy Patch Marinefliegergeschwader MFG 1 F 104 b
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German Navy Patch Marinefliegergeschwader MFG 1 F 104 b

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German Navy Patch Marinefliegergeschwader MFG 1 F 104 Starfighter b Black Feet Large 1970s Jagel Naval Air Station woven cut edge white fabric back 110mm by 77mm four and five sixteenth inches by three inches. 

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1 Marinefliegergruppe MFGR 1 Naval Air Group was activated on 1 April 1957 at RAF Schleswigland Jagel as a multipurpose group with an anti-sumarine warfare squadron a transport and supply squadron and a flight operations squadron responsible for the Baltic Sea area. MFGR 2 was also activated at RAF Schleswigland to provide cover for the North Sea. On 1 May 1958 the Royal Air Force handed RAF Schleswigland back to the German Government to become Schleswig-Jagel Air Base.

On 19 May 1958 MFGR 1 deployed to RAF Lossiemouth to receive eight Sea Hawk Mk 100s for reconnaissance and on 20 May 1958 continued to RAF Eglington Northern Ireland to receive sixteen Gannet Mk4 HSs for anti-submarine warfare.

1959 MFGR 1 was renamed Marinefliegergeschwader 1 MFG 1 Naval Air Squadron 1. In October 1961 the anti-submarine warfare role and Gannets was alocated to MFG 2 and MFG 2 Reconnaissance Squadron with its eighteen Sea Hawks was transfered to MFG 1 and with Schleswig Jagel becoming too small for both MFGs MFG 2 relocated to Sylt Air Base in 1962.

MFG 1 received its first F-104G Starfighter on 11 November 1963 carrying out flight testing and operational reconnaissance racking up 132000 hours while in use. In the late 1970s the German Navy decided to establish a two-ship flight demonstration team to display the its primary weapon system the F-104G Starfighter and its outstanding abilities. MFG 1 were the first to display at air shows with the MFG 2 Team following providing stunning displays at home and abroad. The F-104 displays came to a sudden end when MFG 1s F-104 crashed on approach to RNAS Yeovilton on 3 August 1979.

Tornados were received in 1981 and in August 1985 a detachment of two Tornadoes went to the US with refuelling being carried out by other MFG 1 Tornados detached to Beja AB Portugal and Lajes AB Azores.

On 21 December 1993 MFG 1 was deactivated and its Tornados integrated into MFG 2.



This patch dates from the 1970s




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