German Army Aviation Patch Drohnen Lehr Versuchs Staffel Drone
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German Army Aviation Patch Drohnen Lehr Versuchs Staffel Drone

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German Army Aviation Patch Drohnen Lehr und Versuchs Staffel Drone Training and Test Squadron 1969 CL 89 Unmanned Artillery Reconnaissance Drone Celle AB Embroidered on twill fold over edge 101mm four inches diameter.

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Drohnen Lehr und Versuchsstaffel Drohnen LVsuStff Drone Training and Test Squadron was activated on 1 September 1969 at Celle AB as part of Drohnen Lehr und Versuchsgruppe Drohnen LVsuGrp Drone Training and Test Group under Heeresfliegerwaffenschule Army Aviation School to carry out trials and provide demonstations of the CL 89 AN USD 501 battlefield artillery target reconnaissance and shot observation unmanned rocket drone following completion of initial flight testing.

The Squadron comprised a Headquarters and three Branches namely Flight and Landing Control Branch Technical Branch and Supply Branch. Headquarters included Evaluation Section Training Test and Demonstration Section which included starting and programme piloting of the drone and film collection and processing. Flight and Landing Control Branch controlled drone transport flight set up and retrieve operations. Technical Branch provided drone technical repair services for the airframe engine electronics radar with spares and equipment. Supply Branch supplied the Stoffel with fuel ammunition and staff support with non-aeronautical activities and tasks including catering transportation medical services security and defence.

The CL 89 drone took off vertically and automatically flew a previously calculated route and programmed to turn on the downward facing camera with film imaging captured and stored on board and returning to the landing site where a parachute deployed to allow a safe landing and retrieval and data extracted. The drone would be cleaned repaired in necessary inspected and made ready for reuse.

The Squadron deployed assets to Montreal Canada for training on the AN USD 501 drone system in June 1969 with 20 training flights carried out at the Canadian Artillery School CFB Shiloh Manitoba in conjunction with Canadian and British artillery personnel. Following this system changes and improvements were implemented and LVsuStff carried out CL 89 Europeanization testing with flights undertaken in different European weather conditions. The Squadron provided a presentation of the system at HQ Northern Army Group during Exercise Mixed Grill for participating NATO officers on 26 and 27 February 1970.

LVsuStff commenced the drone training programme at Celle initially to train its own staff in January 1971 and then with artillery and technical troop drone battery training from 14 March 1971 with each course including ten flights.  In addition to the training LVsuStff demonstrated the system to 1000 reserve officers of twelve NATO countries participating in the 24 CIOR Congress at Luttmersen Training Area on 8 May 1971 and provided a demonstration at Salto di Quirra Training Area Sardinia in conjunction with British and Canadian drone units to participants from thirteen NATO countries on 8 October 1971. The Squadron deployed assets for demonstrations and testing with US anti aircraft weapons systems at Ft Bliss Texas and Fort Hachuca Arizona on 28 June 1972. The high speed small dimensions low radar cross section and minimum IR signature meant that the most advanced air defence systems of the US Army were unsuccessful during firing trials. The deployment were able to test the upgraded drone CL 289 which had a greater range and could use two different sensors cameras simultaneously use different camera types including optical and infrared and side looking airborne radar equipment and film development evaluation systems.

Training of Artillery and drone battery personnel continued with the last training course flights undertaken on 15 February 1973 with the Squadrons drone systems handed over to artillery and technical units on 12 March 1973.

Drohnen Lehr und Versuchsstaffel Drohnen LVsuStff Drone Training and Test Squadron having successfully completed its assignments was inactivated by Army Aviation Corps on 31 March 1973.


This patch dates from 1969.




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