German Army Aviation Patch 301 Heeresflieger Staffel BO 105
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German Army Aviation Patch 301 Heeresflieger Staffel BO 105

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German Army Aviation Patch Heeresflieger Staffel 301 Observation Liaison Support BO 105 Helicopter Do 27 Fixed Wing 1971 Mendig AB Uniform removed Embroidered on twill fold over edge 101mm by 76mm four inches by three inches.

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Heeresfliegerstaffel HFlgStff 301 Army Flying Squadron was activated on 1 April 1971 at Mendig AB under Heeresfliegerkommando HFlgKdo 3 Army Flying Command on the redesignation of 2 Staffel Heeresfliegerbataillon HFlgBtl 300 Army Flying Battalion equipped with BO 105 Helicopters and Do 27B fixed wing aircraft for observation support liaison and training duties. The Squadron adopted 300 Battalions emblem of a cartoon 18 Century soldier figure with telescope astride a cannon ball above a castle. 

HFlgStff 301 was inactivated on 1 October 1979 when it was absorbed into HFlgKdo 3 as Staff Staffel. 


This patch dates from 1971.




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