German Army Aviation Patch 25 Regiment SFOR mHFlgTrspStff Bosnia
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German Army Aviation Patch 25 Regiment SFOR mHFlgTrspStff Bosnia

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German Army Aviation Patch Heeresflieger Transport Regiment 25 SFOR mHFlgTrsp Staffel 3 Ktgt Rajlovac Sarajevo Bosnia 2001 Embroidered on twill cut edge 92mm by 71mm three and five eighth inches by two and three quarter inches.

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German Army Aviation established mHFlg TrspStff SFOR Mixed Army Aviation Transport Squadron at Rajlovac Sarajevo Bosnia on 1 February 1997 equipped with UH 1 Huey and CH 53G helicopters including one CH 53G configured for CASEVAC casualty evacuation as part of the Salamandre Multinational Army Aviation Battalion MNAAvBn UNPROFOR to provide rapid movement fire support and casualty evacuation for troops of Multinational Division South East MND SE operating to stabilise areas of the former Yugoslavia suffering from civil war. Multinational Division South East MND SE comprised German French Italian Spanish Portuguese Ukrainian and Moroccan infantry and support units.

The Squadron deployed its CH 53Gs to Tirana Albania on 14 March 1997 to rescue and evacuate 104 German and foreign nationals from the City coming under fire and undertook further humanitarian missions in addition to its military commitments.

The Squadron operated in conjunction with Italian Army Aviation UH 1 Hueys and the French Armys Mohicans Squadron rotational detachment equipped with Gazelle helicopters from Escadrille d Helicopteres de Reconnaissance EHLR 1 of Light Aviation ALAT 5 RHC Regiment d Helicopteres de Combat Combat Helicopter Regiments and Mostar based Spanish Army Aviation helicopters all under a single command requiring the implementation of common practices and procedures for all units.

The French Armys Mohicans Squadron reequipped with SA 330 Puma transport helicopters in 1999 and was redeignated Escadrille d Helicopteres de Manouvre EHM 1 and was renamed the Buffalo Squadron which continued rotational detachments at Ploce and Rajlovac. The Italians upgraded to AB205 Spin helicopters and the Spanish transport detachment to AS532 UL Cougar Aguila helicopters. KHR kampfhubschrauberregiment Attack Helicopter Regiment 36 provided four BO 105 helicopters configured for light liaison reconnaissance to the Squadron in late 2001.

mHFlg TrspStff SFOR Mixed Army Aviation Transport Squadron continued operations at Rajlovac Sarajevo until the end of October 2002 when the German Army Aviation moved to support operations in Kosovo and Afghanistan leaving the Italian and Spanish helicopters to support operations in Bosnia.

mHFlg TrspStff SFOR Einsatzkontingent 3 operated during 2001.


This patch dates from 2001.




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