German Army Aviation Patch 10 Regiment Airmobile Huey UH 1D Name
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German Army Aviation Patch 10 Regiment Airmobile Huey UH 1D Name

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German Army Aviation Patch Heeresfliegerregiment 10 Regiment Airmobile UH 1D Huey Nmae Tag 1980s Fassberg AB Embroidered on twill cut edge 56mm by 131mm two and three sixteenth inches by five and one eighth inches.

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Heeresfliegerregiment 10 Army Aviation Regiment 10 was activated on 1 April 1971 at Celle Air Base Immelmann Barracks under Luftmechanisierten Brigade 1 Air Mechanized Brigade equipped with UH 1D Huey transport helicopters for combat trooping supply and gunship ground suppression. The Regiment was named Heideflieger Heath Flyer.

The Regiment comprised a Headquarters and three Branches namely Flying Branch Technical Branch and Supply Branch. Flying Branch 101 controlled the flight operations squadron and three helicopter squadrons each of which were divided into four flights. Technical Branch 102 provided helicopter technical services via four Squadrons with Staff Staffel Sqn responsible for management Test Flight and inspection two Maintenance Staffeln Sqns and one Repair Staffel Sqn responsible for maintenance repair weapons ammunition survival equipment fuelling while Supply Branch 105 supplied the Regiment with fuel ammunition and staff support with non aeronautical activities and tasks including catering transportation medical services security and defence and airfield repair.

Heeresfliegerregiment 10 relocated to Fassberg in September 1981. The Regiment participated deployed overseas for Operation Kurdenhilfe in 1991 followed by deployments to Iran Somalia Bosnia and Kosovo and undertook local relief firefighting and rescue operations including response to floods on the Oder and Elbe. The Regiment was assigned to Luftbewegliche Brigade LBwglBrig 1 Airmobile Brigade 1 in April 1997. 

The Regiment was redesignated Transporthubschrauberregiment TrspHubschrRgt 10 Transport Helicopter Regiment 10 on 1 January 2003 and was renamed Lüneburger Heide Luneburg Heath. TrspHubschrRgt 10 established a combat Forward Air Medical Evacuation FwAirMedEvac Flight in May 2011 which included armed helicopters to provide escort for the Medevac helicopters. The Regiment began adding NH90 transport helicopters to its UH 1D fleet in June 2011. The FwAirMedEvac Flight deployed four NH90s to Afghanistan in April 2013 to provide a rotational two ship Forward Air Medical Evacuation FAM service of one Medevac and one armed Escort in constant readiness.

With the inactivation of 1 Airmobile Brigade in December 2013 the Regiment was reassigned with Transport Helicopter Regiment 30 NH90s and Combat Helicopter Regiment 36 Eurocopter Tigers to the Special Operations Division in Rapid Forces Division on 1 January 2014.


This patch dates from the 1980s




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