German Air Force Patch 49 Jabog Alpha Jet 1985 Furstenfeldbruck
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German Air Force Patch 49 Jabog Alpha Jet 1985 Furstenfeldbruck

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German Air Force Patch Jabog 49 Alpha Jet 1985 NATO Light Fighter Bomber And Training Furstenfeldbruck AB Embroidered on twill cut edge 85mm by 74mm three and five sixteenth inches by two and fifteen sixteenth inches.

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Jagdbombergeschwader Jabog 49 was activated on 29 September 1978 at Furstenfeldbruck AB Fursty equipped with G 91 Gina light fighter aircraft Piaggio P 149 liaison aircraft and Do 27 STOL light utility aircraft named as Wolpertinger Airlines on the redesignation of Waffenschule der Luftwaffe WaSLw 50 with a front line fighter bomber mission together with flying crew training role for the F 4F Phantom Alpha Jet and Tornado aircraft assigned to 1 Air Division. 

The Wing comprises a Headquarters and four Groups namely Flying Group Technical Group Aerodrome Group and Air Tactical Training and Research Group. Flying Group controls the two flying Squadrons of the Wing 491 and 492. Technical Group provides aircraft technical services including maintenance and repair weapons and ammunition survival equipment fuelling Aerodrome fire protection while Aerodrome Group provides non-aeronautical activities and tasks including transportation supplies medical services Aerodrome security and defence runway and airfield repair. Air Tactical Training and Research Group undertook all aspects of ground based flying training including aviation safety and the F 4F simulator for WSO training. 

Jabog 49 swapped its Do 27 for Do 28 light utility aircraft in 1979 and reequipped with Alpha Jet fighter bomber aircraft in 1980 and continued its training and fighter bomber tasking. Jabog 49 ceased F 4F Phantom KBO WSO aircrew training in 1981. The Wing relinquished its P 149s in 1990 and it Do 28s in 1993. Jagdbombergeschwader 49 was inactivated on 31 March 1994 with some training and teaching undertaken by new units established at Furstenfeldbruck AB including Flight Training Division Furstenfeldbruck for the basic tactical training of future Tornado crews established on 1 April 1994 and continued to 30 June 1997.  


This patch dates from 1985.




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