French Army Aviation ALAT Patch 5 RHC Regt EHM 1 Buffalo SFOR
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French Army Aviation ALAT Patch 5 RHC Regt EHM 1 Buffalo SFOR

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French Army Aviation ALAT Patch 5 RHC Regiment Helicopters Combat EHM 1 Escadrille Buffalo Medivac SFOR Rotational Detachment Ploce Rajlovac 1999 SA 330 Puma Helicopters Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 91mm three and five eighth inches diameter.

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French Army Light Aviation ALAT 5 RHC Regiment d Helicopteres de Combat Combat Helicopter Regiment from Pau AB France provided a rotational detachment from its Escadrille d Helicopteres de Reconnaissance EHLR 1 equipped with Gazzelle helicopters known as the Mohicans Squadron as part of the Salamandre Multinational Army Aviation Battalion MNAAvBn UNPROFOR deployed to Ploce Croatia in 1995 to provide rapid movement fire support and casualty evacuation for troops of Multinational Division South East MND SE operating to stabilise areas of the former Yugoslavia suffering from civil war. MNAAvBn was reassigned to IFOR Implementation Force from December 1995 and then SFOR in December 1996 and established an additional detachment including elements of the EHLR 1 Mohicans 5 RHC at SFOR German Hospital base at Rajlovac Bosnia.

5 RHC EHLR 1 reequipped with SA 330 Puma transport helicopters in 1999 and was redeignated Escadrille d Helicopteres de Manouvre EHM 1 and was renamed the Buffalo Squadron. The EHM 1 Buffalo Escadrille rotational detachments at Ploce and Rajlovac continued until MNAAvBn Salamandre Battalion was inactivated in November 2002.

This patch dates from 1999.

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