French Air Force ALA Patch Trg EPAA 315 Epsilon TM 30 Trainer
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French Air Force ALA Patch Trg EPAA 315 Epsilon TM 30 Trainer

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French Air Force ALA Patch EPAA Ecole Pilotage de l Armee de l Air 315 Air Force Flight School Epsilon Basic Trainer Patch Cognac 1990s Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 85mm three and three eighth inches diameter.

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French Air Force Patch Epsilon TB 30 Basic Trainer

Ecole de pilotage de l'Armée de l'air EPAA 315 Air Force Flight School 315 was formed at Cognac Chateau Bernard on the renaming of Groupment Ecole GE 315 School Group 315 on 1 August 1994 which had received Epsilon TM 30 basic trainers on 7 June 1984. EPAA cotrolled flight instruction wings Escadron d Instruction en Vol EIV 01 013 Artois comprising flights Escadrilles SPA 83 SPA 100 SPA 155 and EIV 02 012 Picardie comprising flights Escadrilles SPA 172 SPA 173 EALA 9 72 together with Escadron de Formation des Instructeurs Pilotes EFIP 01 011 Roussillon Escadrille 1 de GC111 6 and Escadrille 2 de GC111 6

This patch dates from the 1990s 

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