French Air Force ALA Patch Ftr m 30 3 EC Escadron De Chasse a
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French Air Force ALA Patch Ftr m 30 3 EC Escadron De Chasse a

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French Air Force ALA Patch Escadron De Chasse EC 3 30 Alsace Fighter Squadron Colmar BA 132 Escadrille 1 Strasbourg 2 Mullhouse Mirage F1 CT 2005 Fully embroidered cut edge 122mm by 72mm three and fifteen sixteenth inches by two and seven eighth inches.

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On 1 August 1993 EC 3/2 Escadron De Chasse Alsace Fighter Squadron with its Escadrilles 1 Strasbourg and 2 Mullhouse left their Mirage 2000C fighter aircraft at BA 102 Dijon to reform at Colmar BA 132 assigned to Escadre De Chasse EC 13 Fighter Wing as EC 3/13 Escadron De Chasse Alsace replacing EC 3/13 Auvergne and retaining its Mirage F 1 CT tactical strike fighter aircraft. At the same time EC 1/13 Artois with Mirage F 1 CT fighters was redesignated EC 1/13 Normandie-Niemen previously EC 2/30 Normandie-Niemen at BA 112 Reims with both Squadrons joining EC 2/13 Alps.  The Squadrons undertook combat missions Operation Crecerelle over Bosnia and Herzegovina in April 1994. EC 2/13 Alpes was disbanded on 3 June 1994. EC 3/13 Alsace deployed for Operation Turquoise in Rwanda June to August 1994.

With the removal of the Wing level in the French Air Force command structure Escadre De Chasse EC 13 was disbanded along with the other French Air Force Escadre Wings on 23 June 1995. At the same time EC 3/13 Alsace was redesignated EC 3/30 Escadron De Chasse Alsace and EC 1/13 Normandie-Niemen became EC 2/30 Normandie-Niemen as independent units at Colmar BA 132.

Escadron De Chasse EC 3/30 Alsace was disbanded on 29 June 2008 with EC 2/30 Normandie-Niemen disbanding on 3 July 2009.


This patch dates from 2005. 

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