Fleet Air Arm Patch 826 Naval Air Sqn C Flight Gulf War 90 91
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Fleet Air Arm Patch 826 Naval Air Sqn C Flight Gulf War 90 91

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Fleet Air Arm FAA Patch Royal Navy 826 Naval Air Squadron NAS C Flight Persian Excursion Gulf War 1990 91 Sea King HAS 5 RNAS Culdrose HrMS Zuiderkruis Embroidered on twill merrowed edge

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Squadron History 1970 1993

826 Naval Air Squadron was reactivated a sixth time on 2 June 1970 equipped with Westland Sea King helicopters serving on HMS Eagle HMS Tiger and HMS Bulwark.

In April 1982 the Squadron equipped with Sea King HAS 5s deployed aboard HMS Hermes as part of the Operation Corporate Task Force to retake the Falkland Islands. The squadron carried anti submarine and surface search patrols rescuing survivors from HMS Sheffield HMS Coventry and the Atlantic Conveyor. The Squadron lost two helicopters during the Falklands War but on both occasions the crews escaped unharmed. The Squadron continued to operate from HMS Hermes until 1986.

In December 1990 C and D Flights deployed to the Middle East aboard HrMs Zuiderkruis Royal Netherlands Navy for Operation Granby Desert Shield and in February 1991 took part in Operation Desert Storm.

826 Squadron was again disbanded in July 1993 and its aircraft reallocated to 810 Naval Air Squadron and 819 Naval Air Squadron.

This patch dates from 1991.








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