Fleet Air Arm Patch 706 Naval Air Squadron FT Advanced Sea King
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Fleet Air Arm Patch 706 Naval Air Squadron FT Advanced Sea King

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Fleet Air Arm FAA Patch Royal Navy 706 Naval Air Squadron NAS FT Advanced Flying Training Sea King 1970s RNAS Culdrose Sea King HAS 2 Woven merrowed edge fabric back 96mm three and three quarter inches diameter.

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Squadron History 1962 1998

705 NAS Reformed Jan 1962 at RNAS Culdrose for advanced training of Wessex HAS 1 crews. B Flt formed at RNAS Culdrose on 7 January
1964 with 6 Wessex HAS 1 and 3 Hiller HT 2 helicopters for trials in the Commando assault role with all of 706 B Flt incorporated into 845 Squadron as soon as it arrived in the Far East.

The Squadron received two Wasps in November 1964 for advanced flying training and exchanged its Wessex HAS 1 for Wessex HAS 3s between 1967 and 1968.

The Squadron reequipped with Sea King HAS 1s in January 1970 for Advanced Flying Training for pilots observers and aircrew with Wasp training responsibility transferred to 703 Squadron in February 1975. The Squadron was the administrative host for the RAF Sea King Training Unit from February 1978 until that Unit became an autonomous RAF unit in April 1993.

The Squadron resumed Sea King Operational Flying Training in February 1979 with sea training conducted from RFA Engadine. 706 Squadron disbanded in February 1998 at RNAS Culdrose.

This patch dates from the 1970s.







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