Finnish Air Force Patch Midnight Hawks Aerobatic Display Team
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Finnish Air Force Patch Midnight Hawks Aerobatic Display Team

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Finnish Air Force Patch FiAF Midnight Hawks Aerobatic Display Team Patch Badge 2005 Hawk Mk 51 Jet Trainers Fully embroidered merrowed edge 89mm three and one half inches diameter.

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Demonstrations of formation flying in the Finnish Air Force had its beginning prior to World War II when a formation of ten Finnish Air Force Academy Gloster Gamecocks biplanes performed at the Midnight Sun Air Show at Kauhava air base. Following the war the Finnish Air Force Air Force Academy continued displaying at the Midnight Sun Air Show progressing through Saab Safir Fouga Magister Valmet Vinka to the current Hawk Mk 51 aircraft.


In 1997 the Air Force Academy began displays with four Hawk Mk.51 jet training aircraft from Academy at other aviation celebrations throughout Finland as well as the traditional Midnight Sun Air Show and at the Oulu International Airshow the Air Force Academy team were given the name Midnight Hawks.


Midnight Hawks have five aircraft drawn from 41 Fighter Training Squadron based at Kauhava Air Base with a four aircraft formation used during displays. Ground crew support is also provided by 41 Fighter Training Squadron.



This patch dates from 2005


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