Canadian Army Formation Sign Patch HQ Headquarters London b
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Canadian Army Formation Sign Patch HQ Headquarters London b

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Canadian Army Formation Sign Patch HQ Military Headquarters CMHQ London 1943 Embroidered on wool cut edge 51mm two inches diameter.

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Canadian Military Headquarters CMHQ Overseas was established on 16 November 1939 at Sun Life Assurance of Canada building 2 to 4 Cockspur Street London immediately to the west of Canada House the offices of the Canadian High Commissioner in London. CMHQ was responsible for coordinating the arrival quartering equipment and training of Canadian Active Service Force units and formations and to command and administer them in the United Kingdom. In addition CMHQ undertook an important liaison role with the War Office and with the General Officer Commanding GOC Canadian Forces in the UK and the Canadian High Commissioner in London.

The 1 Canadian Infantry Division arrived in Britain on 1 January 1940 and while Canadian Air Force personnel took part in the Air War including the Battle of Britain the first Army units arrived in Brest France after Allied troops were cut off at Dunkirk and Paris had fallen and were taken back to England. The UK based Canadian Armys next combat engagement was the Dieppe Raid in August 1942 before engaging in Italy with the invasion of Sicily and Italy in 1943 and France on D Day 6 June 1944 and the subsequent liberation of Northwest Europe.

Canadian Military Headquarters grew to a complex organization dealing with all aspects of command and support for the 368263 Canadian personnel sent to Europe together with their supply and combat operations. By 30 April 1945 CMHQ consisted of 616 officers including 24 Canadian Womens Army Corps officers together with 2712 other ranks including 511 CWAC and 745 civilians being a total of 4073 personnel based at the Sun Life Assurance of Canada building.

Following the end of the War in Europe CMHQ coordinated the return of Canadian soldiers from Europe to Canada many with new wives and children. Canadian Military Headquarters Overseas was disbanded in 1947.

This patch dates from 1943.

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