British Commando WWII Patch The Royal Marines Commando 1942
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British Commando WWII Patch The Royal Marines Commando 1942

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British Commando WWII Patch The Royal Marines Commando Title Patch Red 1942 economy embroidered on wool sized back 34mm by 110mm one and five sixteenth inches by four and five sixteenth inches.  

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Volunteers were called from the Royal Marines to form the first RM Commando known as The Royal Marines Commando in February 1942 which became known as A Commando Royal Marines and saw action at Dieppe with heavy losses on 19 August 1942 before being designated 40 Royal Marines Commando in October 1942 . As the Commandos began to move away from smaller raiding operations to spearheading allied landing operations as highly specialized assault infantry the Royal Marines and Army Commandos were formed into four combined Commando Special Service Brigades. Under 2 Special Service Brigade 40 RM Commando took part in operations in Italy at St Benere Termoli Anzio Comacchio Yugoslavia and Albania. 40 RM Commando was again retitled to 40 Commando RM in August 1945 and was disbanded in October 1945. The Commando reactivated when 44 Commando RM was re-designated 40 Commando RM on 16 March 1947 serving in Palestine Malaya Cyprus Suez Brunei and Borneo Northern Ireland Belize Falkland Islands Iraq and Afghanistan.


This patch dates from 1942.



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