British Commando WWII Patch Army No 9 Commando Title White
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British Commando WWII Patch Army No 9 Commando Title White

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British Commando WWII Patch Army No 6 Commando Title Patch White 1940 embroidered on wool white gauze fabric back 19mm by 104mm three quarter of an inches by four and one sixteenth inches.  

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No 9 Commando was a battalion-sized British Army commando unit formed in autumn 1940 in Criccieth Wales on the re-designation of 2nd Special Service Battalion which itself was the amalgamation of No 6 and No 7 Independent Companies. They had been amalgamated in the 2nd Special Service Battalion.

The Commando undertook its first raid Operation Sunstar on the nights of 22/23 November 1941 on the French coast
at Houlgate. The raid was a success and they landed and evacuated without any loss. No 9 Commandos next operation was the St. Nazaire Raid in March 1942 with the main landing force provided by No 2 Commando and most of the other
Commando units supplied demolition parties to assist in demolishing the port facilities.

No 9 Commando were then used to reinforce the Gibraltar garrison during the Operation Torch landings in French North Africa remaining in Gibraltar until November 1943 when they carried out raids on the islands of Tremiti and Pianosa.

As part of the 2nd Special Service Brigade the Commando took part in the invasion of Italy on Operation Partridge in December 1943 in the Garigliano River area. This was followed by Operation Shingle the Anzio landings and fighting at Monte Ornito before being withdrawn to Naples in March 1943. In 1944 No 9 Commando were involved in Operation
Darlington in May and Operation Gradient in August. The Commando then operated in Greece Aegean and Yugoslavia before returning to Italy and taking part Operation Roast the crossing of Commachio Lagoon and the battle of the Argenta Gap in April 1945. No 9 Commando was disbanded in 1946.


This patch dates from 1940.



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