British Commando WWII Patch Army No 6 Commando Title Red
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British Commando WWII Patch Army No 6 Commando Title Red

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British Commando WWII Patch Army No 6 Commando Title Patch Red 1944 embroidered on wool grey gauze fabric back 18mm by 108mm eleven sixteenths of an inches by four and one quarter inches.  

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No 6 Commando was a battalion-sized British Army commando unit formed in July 1940. The Commando contributed small forces to raids in Norway in late 1941. In April 1942 the whole Commando was scheduled to take part in Operation Myrmidon in France but the raid was eventually cancelled. The first full-scale operation No 6 Commando took part in was Operation Torch the Allied landings in Algeria in November 1942. The Commando continued on the advance into Tunisia in 1943.

No 6 Commando landed in France early on 6 June 1944 on Operation Overlord as part of 1st Special Service Brigade which linked up with the troops from the 6th Airborne Division on the eastern flank of Sword Beach with the Commando used in the defense of the beachhead and the subsequent operations to breakout from Normandy prior to withdrawal with the rest of the brigade back to the UK in September 1944. In January 1945 they took part in the Allied counterattack during the Ardennes Offensive before joining in on the advance into Germany as part of Operation Plunder. With the end of hostilities the unit was disbanded in 1946. 

This patch dates from 1944.



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