British Commando WWII Patch 46 Royal Marine Commando Title Red
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British Commando WWII Patch 46 Royal Marine Commando Title Red

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British Commando WWII Patch Army 46 Royal Marine Commando Patch Red 1944 embroidered on wool cream fabric back 49mm by 98mm one and seven eighth inches by three and seven eighth inches.  

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46 Royal Marine Commando was formed at Dorchester in August 1943 with personnel from 9 Royal Marine Infantry Battalion. The Commando was assigned to 4 Special Service Brigade in September 1943 with 41 and 47 RM Commando and 10 (Inter–Allied) Army Commando. 46 RM Commando moved to Troon and Irvine for training prior to going to the Commando Depot at Achnacarry on the 23rd October 1943. On completion of Commando training in November 1943 the Commando moved back to Troon before being sent to CTC Dorlin for further training and being re-assigned to the 1st Special Service Brigade under Lord Lovat. On completion of this additional training the 46 RM Commando moved to Worthing to link up with the rest of the Brigade. More training and a move to Folkestone and then the Isle of Wight followed focussed on the allied invasion of North West Europe.

At 0900 on the 7 June 1944 the Unit was landed on Nan White Beach at Bernieres were in action at Petit Enfer Douvres La Deliverande Rots and Le Hamel. On the 17 June 1944 the Commando was reassigned to 4 Special Service Brigade whilst dug in at the area of Sallenelles – Hauger. 46 Royal Marine Commando continued operations in the area moving forward to Dozule and Breville sur Mer in August 1944. At the end of September 1944 and after suffering heavy casualties the Commando and the rest of the Brigade was withdrawn to the UK and stationed on the Isle of Wight. The Commando returned to North West Europe in January 1945 seeing action in Belgium and in assault river crossings during the advance into Germany. At the end of the war the Unit was involved in policing duties in Germany before being disbanded in February 1946.  

This patch dates from 1944.



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