British Commando Patch 59 Squadron Royal Engineers Herrick XIV
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British Commando Patch 59 Squadron Royal Engineers Herrick XIV

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British Commando Patch 59 Squadron Royal Engineers Afghanistan Op Herrick XIV 2011 embroidered on twill merrowed edge 77mm three inches diameter.  

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59 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers was formed at Stonehouse Barracks Plymouth on 1 April 1971 on the redesignation of 59 Field Squadron Royal Engineers to provide Army engineer support with Commando trained engineers attached to 3 Commando Brigade.  The Squadron relocated to Crownhill Fort Plymouth later in 1971.

The first fully trained Royal Engineer Commandos were Condor Troop receiving their Green Berets on 4 October 1971 and moved to Arbroath Scotland to train with 45 Commando Group on 5 October 1971. Immediately put on very short notice to join 45 Commando operationally Condor Troop deployed as part of 45 Commando Group to Belfast Northern Ireland on 15 October 1971 returning to Arbroath on 8 January 1972. Condor Troop remained in Arbroath attached to 45 Commando.

The Squadron became fully trained in cold weather warfare with annual exercises in Norway for extreme cold environment training. In addition the Squadron trains for operations in mountains desert and jungle environments.

The Squadron consists of a Headquarters element a parachute trained reconnaissance troop which deploys with 3 Commando Brigade recce BRF to identify engineering tasks 3 field troops to carry out combat engineering tasks a support troop and a REME workshop.

59 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers as a key element of 3 Commando Brigade undertook tours in Northern Ireland to Antrim 24 July to 21 November 1972 Antrim again 20 March to 24 July 1974 without 2 Troop Castledillon 12 February to 11 June 1976 and to Castledillon again 10 June to 23 October 1980

59 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers engaged in combat operations during Operation Corporate the retaking of the Falklands Islands 5 April to 11 July 1982 returning to the Falkland Islands May to September 1984. Condor Troop relocated from Arbraoth to Crownhill Fort Plymouth in April 1987. The Squadron deployed to Northern Iraq for Operation Haven in May 1991 to provide protection and humanitarian aid to Kurdish refugees fleeing oppression by Saddam Hussein's forces during the aftermath of the first Persian Gulf War returning in July 1991.

59 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers relocated to RMB Chivenor in 1995 and undertook a tour in Northern Ireland in 1998. Elements deployed to Kosovo under KFOR on Operation Agricola IV in 2000. The Squadron deployed to the Arabian Gulf for combat operations on Operation Telic 1 assisting with the attack to capture Al Faw Peninsula April 2003. The Squadron has also provided humanitarian support following disasters worldwide including the Kashmir Earthquake 2005. Combat operations were undertaken with deployment to Afghanistan for Operation Herrick V from October 2006 to April 2007.

59 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers was redesignated 59 Commando Squadron and became part of the new 24 Commando Regiment Royal Engineers on 1 April 2008 activated at RMB Chivenor.

Combat operations continued with 3 Commando Brigade deployments to Afghanistan for Operation Herrick IX November 2008 to April 2009 and Herrick XIV May to October 2011. The Squadron continues its humanitarian disaster support including Operation Ruman in the Caribbean following Hurricane Irma September 2017.


This patch dates from 2011 Op Herrick XIV Afghanistan deployment.



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