British Commando Patch 41 Independent Royal Marine Commando 1950
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British Commando Patch 41 Independent Royal Marine Commando 1950

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British Commando Patch 41 Independent Royal Marines Commando Patch Korea 1951 Fully embroidered cut edge 65mm by 46mm two and one half inches by one and thirteen sixteenth inches.  

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41 Royal Marine Commando formed on 7 October 1942 as B RM Commando raised from 8 Royal Marine Infantry Battalion taking part in operations in Italy Sicily Salerno and North West Europe landing in Normandy on D-Day 6 June 1944 Orne Scheldt Walcheren and Maas River followed by occupation duties in Germany before disbanding on 20 February 1946.  

Following a request from the United Nations Command for more amphibious raiding forces the Commando was reformed on 16 August 1950 as 41 Independent Commando from Royal Marine volunteers who assembled at the Commando School Bickleigh. The Commando travelled to Japan in civilian clothes and picked up more volunteers en route from 3 Commando Brigade operating in Malaya at the time. Arriving in Japan on 15 September 1950 the Commandos were issued American winter uniforms and weapons but retained their green berets battle dress and boots and embarked on two US ships and executed a series of raids on the North Korean coast near Wonsan to disrupt North Korean transportation facilities.

On 10 November 1950 41 Independent Commando joined the United Nations advance in North Korea serving with the USMC and during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir Lt. Col. Drysdale CO of 41 I Cdo was given command additional US and South Korean forces called Task Force Drysdale.
Their hard fighting together with the American Marines and US Army led to the Commando being awarded the American Presidential Unit Citation.  

The Commando reformed in Japan and in April 1951 were assigned to Commonwealth Land Forces and undertook raids with the Republic of Korea Marine Corps on the North Korean coast until 41 Commando returned to England in December 1951 disbanding on 2 February 1952.

The Commando reformed on 31 March 1960 as 41 Commando RM and served in Kenya Norway and the West Indies. 41 Commando RM was
disbanded on 30 April 1977 but reformed again in the autumn of 1977 taking part in operations in Cyprus and Northern Ireland before disbanding at Deal in 1981. 

This patch dates from 1951.



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