Brazilian Air Force Patch Forca Aerea Brasileira FAB Display Lge
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Brazilian Air Force Patch Forca Aerea Brasileira FAB Display Lge

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Brazil Patch Brazilian Air Force Forca Aerea Brasileira FAB Aerobatic Display Team Fumaca Patch Esquadrilha Da Fumaca A 29 Super Tucano Campo Dos Alfonsos Air Base 1990s Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 108mm four and one quarter inches diameter.

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In 1952 four instructors from the Brazilian Air Force Air Academy established an unofficial aerobatic team with four T6 Texan training aircraft with the first display taking place on 14 May 1952 at Campo dos Alfonsos Air Base the home base of the Air Academy. Initially as a joke they received the unofficial name Esquadrilha da Fumaca or Smoke Squadron because of the use of smoke generators on the display aircraft.

In 1954 five T6 Texan aircraft were provided to the Team to become the official aerobatic team of the Brazilian Air Force. In 1955 two solo pilots were added to the team to capture the publics attention while the main formation regrouped for their next manoeuvre.

In 1968 the Team received T 24 Fouga Magister jet trainers but proved difficult to maintain in the hot Brazilian climate. The petrol crisis at the end of 1970s also forced the team to review options and after 46 demonstrations with Fouga Magister the Team reequipped with the T 6 Texan. In 1977 the team was ordered to disband during a financial crisis.

The Esquadrilha da Fumaca was reactivated on 21 October 1982 equipped with Brazilian made Embraer EMB 312 as the T 27 Tucano. On 18 May 2002 the Team set a new World Record flying a formation of 11 aircraft inverted for 30 seconds. The Team upgraded to Embraer EMB 314 A 29 Super Tucano aircraft with a fleet of twelve aircraft seven of which participate in air demonstrations with the rest in reserve.


This patch dates from the 1990s


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